Facebook Algorithmic Stock Price Predictor says ‘don’t sell yet’

Our Facebook Stock Price Predictor algorithm continues to impress.  The June 22 buy signal at $24.60/share has shown an outstanding 61% gain on that one move alone, and the trading strategy is running a cumulative profit of 75% to date.   Last week Facebook had already rocketed to $38.00 and we published this blog post warning to keep hanging on as the algorithm indicated further gains:  [Facebook Stock looking to cheat the shorts – Aug. 22]

So where does the Facebook stock price go from here?

With nearly a 100% gain since November last year it’s almost a matter of time before people start taking profits, however our proprietary indicator shows no significant weakness and is signalling further gains. 

We would be neither a buyer or a seller of the stock at this point.   If we owned Facebook today, we would continue to hold the stock.   If we were looking to take a position in Facebook, we would wait for the next signal from the Facebook Stock Price Predictor.

Facebook Stock Price Algorithm Update

Performance of our algorithmic trades to date:

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