The Facebook Stock Price Predictor

A high-performance trading algorithm
Designed to Buy and Sell Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)

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Algorithm’s Trade Signal Performance To date:

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A history of recent Facebook stock predictions:

On August 21: FB had rocketed to $38, but the algorithm still signaled a Buy.
We warned of an imminent short squeeze, and the stock did rise further as predicted.

August 28: FB reaches $40 and we continued to warn not to sell. Stock rises to $41.

August 30: At $41 and we called for the stock to explode upward. Facebook then reached our predicted target of $47/share, when on September 22nd we wrote:

“..we re-ran the algorithm under several different conditions looking for a down trend, but our tests indicated that the current up-trend is still alive and well and is showing no signs of weakening on a daily time frame according to our proprietary indicator. We can’t believe it ourselves, but it appears as if Facebook could be poised for another leg up.”

October 9: After reaching $51/share, Facebook pulls back to $46 where we predicted the bottom in this tweet:

“We are seeing a 4:1 sellers/buyers ratio at $46 but price did not break down.. large holders will protect it here

We then predicted the next price increase which we capitalized on until finally exiting the trade on October 22nd at $53.36 for a 116% return.

October 24: The algorithm generated a SELL signal at $52.40, then exited the trade for a 3.15% return.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Facebook algorithm work?

The Facebook Stock Predictor uses the same techniques as large multi-billion-dollar hedge funds with annual returns of 35%. We use an array of computer processors to identify historical patterns with the highest statistical probability for future success, then forward-test on out-of-sample price data. We then run the algorithm live to generate buy and sell alerts which are posted to this page in real time.

Who is Intellikon?

Intellikon is a private consulting company specializing in predictive algorithms for marketing and financial services including automated trading.

Is this page owned by Facebook? Are you affiliated with Facebook in any way?

Absolutely not.

Is Facebook paying you?

Definitely not – the algorithm has simply managed to stay with the trend and accurately call tops and bottoms. As much as we’d like to think these signals have something to do with the meteoric rise in Facebook stock, this certainly not the case, and we are definitely not being paid. If you are not convinced then please read this blog post.

Why Facebook?

We have friends and family who invest in social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We published this algorithm to help all investors make better trading decisions and time their exits to maximize profit.

For commentary on our Facebook signals, see the latest posts on our blog.

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