SYMC – New algorithmic trade signal on Symantec Corp (NASD)

Update 10/24:  Disastrous earnings overnight from Symantec has exited us from the trade at a loss.


On October 3rd we posted that our algorithms exited all positions and rolled into cash.  This happened just before the start of the current market turmoil as a result of the news out of Washington.   While the subscriber portfolio capitalized on the volatility, we tweeted a warning the next day to all our followers:

Our computers just finished analyzing over 700 #stocks and nearly all are bearish..choose wisely $QQQ $SPY $IWM 

As we’ve said before, we don’t particularly like going short, but short were the only opportunities that our algorithms were picking up.  It has taken nearly 7 trading days for markets to resolve themselves, and we are only now starting to see algorithmic opportunities to go long.

Our algorithm picked up a buy signal on Symantec Corp (NASD:SYMC) based on a trading pattern going back to the beginning of March this year, and went long at market open.

 Check our blog for a complete list of open and closed picks and our performance to date.


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