A Stock Screener to find similar companies to Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)

We used Finviz to create a stock screener that will show companies trading similar to Facebook.

This is what we came up with:

Sector:  Technology

P/E:  Over 50

Forward P/E:  Over 40

Current Dividend Yield:  None

Historical Payout Ratio: None

Insider Transactions:  Very Negative:  more than 20% of insider shares being sold

52 Week High/Low:  Current price is more than 5% below 52 week high

Full screen can be viewed here.  As you can see, only 3 other companies share Facebook’s elite market status.


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  1. Zuck sold 20M shares because he had to pay taxes on the 60M shares he called at $.06. Ridiculously bullish.

    • Agreed – insiders sell for many reasons, but there is only one reason they buy. The concern here is that many insiders have sold many shares, and nobody bought.

      The stock will close higher this year no doubt. The question is, at what point will bulls take the money and run? The answer to this question is unquantifiable given the skewed fundamentals in this screen, and so no one will know for sure until it actually happens… unfortunately by then it may be too late and many good people could get caught in the stampede out.

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