Our quantitative algorithms have had an impressive run.  Here are some of our more notable calls to date…

11/8/2016:  Algorithms correctly predict the end of the nearly 2 year old Emerging Market rout.  The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) subsequently rises for a 14% Gain.

11/8/2016:  Based on deep market analysis, we correctly predict a Trump presidential victory.

3/2/2016:  We call the bottom in the Crude Oil carnage at $33/bb with this tweet:

     “RIGHT NOW: Is an amazing time for #Oil shorts to cover.”

Oil subsequently rises to highs of over $50/bb for a 51% Gain

2/24/2016:  After a year of volatility in the S&P 500 (which we correctly predicted), our Algorithms pointed to upside in all markets including the S&P 500 which subsequently rose to new all time highs in 2017.  25.5% Gain

12/27/2015:  Our Algorithms call the Gold bottom at $1070/oz.  Gold proceeded to rise to a high of $1360 in 2016.  25% Gain

5/14/2015: With conviction, we called a Gold top at $1230/oz.  Gold since plummeted to $1070/oz for a 13% Gain in our performance.

12/14/2014:  We warned the Swiss National Bank was at risk of breaking its peg to the Euro.  4 weeks later, the SNB announced they were depegging the Swiss Franc from the Euro, just as we predicted. 20% Gain

4/13/2014:  Oil:  We started to warn near the top of what would eventually become the great Oil bear market ($102/bb).  Continuous warnings posted on 12/14/2014 ($61/bb) and 12/22/2014 ($55/bb).  14.5% Gain

3/30/2014:  We warned to stay away from Gold, which saw volatile horizontal trading all year.

6/8/2014:  With the S&P 500 at 1950, we warned of the Summer Doldrums which saw horizontal trading with 50 point swings in either direction.  We also predicted a correction in the Fall, which did happen to the tune of 180 points to the downside.

7/30/2013: Sell Duke Energy (DUK): 9.3% Gain 

8/7/2013: Sell Abbott Labs (ABT): 6.9% Gain

8/21/2013:  We called for a short squeeze on Facebook (FB) and the stock did rise as predicted.

8/28/2013: Buy Facebook (FB) : Stock reaches $40. We warn not to sell. Stock hits $41.   5% gain

8/30/2013: Buy Facebook (FB):  FB reaches our predicted target of $47/share.  15% gain

9/3/2013 Short Gold Futures (GC Dec’13):  5.2% Gain

9/3/2013: Long United Airlines (UAL):  4.1% Gain

9/25/2013: Short Chevron (CVX):  4% Gain

10/9/2013: Buy Facebook (FB): Stock drops to $46 where we predict the bottom, then exited the at $53.36. 5.2% Gain

10/24/2013: Sell Facebook (FB): The algorithm generates a SELL signal at $52.40, then exited the trade at $50.75  3.15% Gain