Interactive Brokers – popular among the ‘smart money’ crowd – released the top 5 shorted stocks by sector as of today (April 15) and the top 5 largest short positions (4/11).   It seems the energy sector is ripe for a correction like we called 2 days ago (April 13) with our “Short Big Oil” call.

Other notable entries:   Blackberry ($BBRY) which has unsuccessfully been trying to put in a base, and a number of high profile banks such as Citigroup ($C) which has been trading well below its 200 day moving average.

Top 5 Shorted Securities as of 4/15:

Top 5 shorted stocks by Sector (source: IB)

Top 5 Largest Short Positions as of 4/11:

Top 5 outstanding short positions by Sector (source: IB)

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